The programmers at Comex Dezine have years of experience in creating masterful works of code with effective results. They are highly proficient and adept in a myriad of programming languages. Our programming team has developed a vast, unique library of tools and resources that can accommodate any of your software needs.  Experience with a variety of custom web and mobile applications. Developed powerful database driven websites to accommodate the ever-changing nature of today’s information. Created customizable functionality (back ends) for the software developed, so that you can customize and create updates to your software. Years of experience in programming in a wide variety of languages. They have the knowledge base and experience to recommend the best solution for your needs.

What’s Your Idea?

We can build it for you.

Creation process includes:

  • Concept design
  • Graphic support
  • Programming
  • Testing
  • Market submission
Satisfied Clients
Projects Completed
Awards Won

At Comex Dezine, we don’t just create custom software; we build solutions that solve business problems. We’ve got a 6 year success record and the trust of hundreds of satisfied clients.

Commercial product development is a multi-faceted challenge – products must meet various user-needs, offer simple onboarding and UX as well as user rights management and security. Flick has deep domain experience in developing custom products designed to drive your success.

Often overlooked, but incredibly important. User experience is a key component that can make or break your project. Our team of designers and prototype experts focus on building products that clearly understand and accommodate your target user as well as adapting to all devices and platforms.

Integration is complex. Bringing together several software systems requires significant experience. Comex Dezine’s EAI team streamlines business processes, enables real-time access to data and simplifies system maintenance.